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Preschool Curriculum

Kindergarten readiness skills are a very important component of our program. 
We provide activities throughout the day that prepare children for successful learning upon entering school.
Areas of educational programming include:
We provide an environment that teaches preschoolers values and becoming a competent and confident individual. 
A violence prevention curriculum “Second Step” is utilized.  This curriculum helps preschoolers learn about feelings and emotions, and how to express those feelings and emotions appropriately.
Through daily motor activities (large motor/fine motor) preschoolers learn to gain personal responsibility for their own physical needs. 
Preschoolers are more willing to try new and challenging tasks as they master each new skill.
Children’s minds develop through their daily experiences.  
Imagination and creativity are critical to preschoolers development.  This is evident through dramatic play, art, sensory, science, music, math and literacy activities. 
Literacy and language activities occur within all areas of the classroom.  
Listening skills, spoken words, written words, and group stories provide opportunities for children to develop a richer vocabulary and become better readers.  
Sign language and Spanish are utilized throughout the children’s daily program activities