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Toddler  Curriculum

Our daily schedule is very busy, as toddlers are very busy!
We provide many opportunities throughout the day to Toddlers, due to a limited attention span.  Toddlers are learning and testing what they can control and where their limits are. Toddlers learn through trial and error.
Areas of educational programming include:
We provide many opportunities for children to foster independence, as toddlers want to practice new skills and do things themselves.  
Toddlers are learning to respond appropriately to their feelings, expressing their emotions and recognizing and responding to the emotions of others.

Daily motor activities (large motor/fine motor) include practicing skills such as running, jumping, climbing, pedaling, scribbling, painting, puzzles, playdough and stringing beads.
 Experiencing these skills daily allows toddlers to refine and master them.
With consistent, predictable routines, toddlers learn to recognize there is an order to daily events.  
We provide opportunities to enhance cognitive skill development through daily exploration, social experiences (pretend play) and early literacy.
Receptive language (understanding the words that are said) develops at a much higher rate than expressive language (the words they say).  
We provide many opportunities to assist children in increasing their expressive language skills.
We utilize sign language and Spanish daily.