Learning Programs: Toddler

Toddler Learning and Care

Toddlers are curious, free-spirited little people. They are beginning to walk and talk, and follow simple directions. Our Toddler classrooms provide a safe, clean and spacious environment. The children will have ongoing opportunities to explore and learn about the world around them. The limited attention span of this age group requires us to provide choices, have multiple activities throughout the day and be flexible in our scheduling.

Toddlers are learning and testing what they can control and where their limits are. Toddlers learn through trial and error.

Daily logs are completed, which includes diapering, napping, and activities. Learning cause and effect behavior is evident in all toddler classrooms, as they are developing their independence.

Areas of educational programming include:

    We provide many opportunities for children to foster independence, as toddlers want to practice new skills and do things themselves. Toddlers are learning to respond appropriately to their feelings, expressing their emotions, and recognizing and responding to the emotions of others.

    Daily motor activities (large motor/fine motor) include practicing skills such as running, jumping, climbing, pedaling, scribbling, painting, puzzles, playdough, and stringing beads. Experiencing these skills daily allows toddlers to refine and master them.

    With consistent, predictable routines, toddlers learn to recognize there is an order to daily events. We provide opportunities to enhance cognitive skill development through daily exploration, social experiences (pretend play), and early literacy.

    Receptive language (understanding the words that are said) develops at a much higher rate than expressive language (the words they say). We provide many opportunities to assist children in increasing their expressive language skills. We utilize sign language and Spanish daily.

    • Meals are served “family style” which allows children to develop independence by gathering their dishes, passing serving bowls, and assisting with clean up
    • Staff are participating in meal service with the children, and facilitating appropriate manners, assisting with serving/clean up, and engaging in conversation
    • Sippy cups are allowed as needed up to 18 months of age
    • Bibs are provided for breakfast and lunch
    • Each child is provided a cot. Cots are placed directly on the floor and not stacked when in use
    • Each cot is placed so there are clear aisles and unimpeded access on at least one side of each cot
    • A blanket is provided by the parents or guardian and must fit in your child’s cubby
    • Blankets must be taken home every Friday or as needed to be washed
    • No stuffed animals/dolls or pillows
    • Pacifiers (labeled with first and last initial) are allowed during rest
    • Children rest quietly on cots after lunch. If they don’t fall asleep during this time, they are allowed to engage in quiet activity within the classroom
    • Children who have completed a nap or rested quietly for 30 minutes are not required to stay on a cot
    • Diapers are checked regularly and changed as needed
    • Parents supply diapers, wipes, cream, and/or powder. Label packages with the child’s first and last name
    • Parents will be notified when their child is getting low on supplies and are required to replenish them
    • Toilet learning: independent toileting is an important part of early childhood education, children’s readiness and parents wishes guide staff as they assist children in accomplishing this developmental task
    Outdoor Play
    • We go outside daily weather permitting when the real feel temperature is above 10 degrees and the heat index is below 95 degrees
    • Outdoor opportunities assist children in their overall development by providing exploration with all of their senses
    • Large motor equipment is provided, including climbing structures, riding toys, and sports accessories
    Personal Belongings
    • Shoes are to be worn at all times
    • Appropriate clothing for weather conditions is required (snow pants, boots, mittens, etc.)
    • Children are not allowed to wear scarves for safety
    • At least one complete set of extra clothes needs to be available in your child’s cubby
    • Sandals must have backstraps


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