Benefits & Outcomes

Quality Child Care and Early Education

Your child benefits from many unique features and benefits. More than just a daycare center, Playhouse Child Care is a one-stop location for early childhood education and care. Parents and guardians don’t need to worry about finding a second care facility after a half-day of schooling. We also are welcoming to younger children as well as pre-k students. You won’t need to worry about dropping your infant at one daycare and your older child at a second location.

Meals are included for each day your child attends Playhouse Child Care, so there is no need for you to plan a breakfast, lunch, or snack every day. This saves parents time and gives peace of mind that your children are given healthy meals that they actually enjoy!

A Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

Duties are evenly distributed between moms, dads, grandparents, and guardians. You are welcome to call or visit the Center at any time. Parents and guardians have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher in a specially scheduled conference each fall and spring. During conference time, staff will be sharing various examples of learning experiences your child has enjoyed during their time with us as well as the developmental progress your child has made. Infant and toddler parents receive written reports on the child’s daily activities.

We make our best efforts to support all families who want to bring their children to Playhouse. County assistance is available to those who require it. We also award and accept Early Learning Scholarships for Pathway 1 and Pathway 2 through our partnership with Parent Aware.

Quality Child Care and Education

At Playhouse Child Care, we are much more than just a child care center. We believe in education through play. This means we value preparing children for school in a manner that piques and holds their interest


Playhouse Child Care is committed to offering healthy, homegrown foods to the children in our care. We support any dietary needs and restrictions your child may require. Even the pickiest eaters will be pleased with our menu. We even make our own baby food!

Parent Involvement

We value parent relationships and are welcoming to all. Our goal is to develop open communication, mutal respect, and understading between parents and staff. Our teachers and staff keep an open line of communication with the parents and gaurdians of all our children. 


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