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Daycare and Early Childhood Education in St. Cloud and Central MN

Every parent contemplates the right daycare or educational program for their children, especially for their infants and preschool children. At Playhouse Child Care, we welcome children from diverse cultural backgrounds to learn, play, and develop the skills they will need for the future.

Our teachers engage with each child, using strategies that are tailored to their age and learning experience. We believe that a play-based education, cultural inclusion, and interpersonal interactions are key in developing a child’s early education.

Why do families choose Playhouse Child Care?

Children in our program receive the same high-quality education found in many school-based programs without the hassle of before and aftercare, picking up and dropping off children at multiple locations, or added costs. Children at Playhouse are being prepared for kindergarten all day, every day.

Benefits & Outcomes

The benefits of our program last a lifetime. Our programs last the entire day, meaning you don’t need to pick up your child after their class, only to drop them off at another daycare facility. Families with multiple children also benefit from the flexibility. You’ll no longer need separate facilities for daycare and early childhood education. We also provide nutritious meals, so you can leave the lunch bags at home.


We work to keep the rates at our facilities competitive with other childcare providers in the area. We also work with families when necessary. County assistance is available to those who require it and scholarships may be available. Contact your local Playhouse Child Care Center for more information and our current rate information.

Parent Aware

In addition to standard health and safety requirements for early childhood education, each Playhouse Child Care location has a 4-star Parent Aware rating. It is not required for childhood education centers to pursue this rating, and we are proud to reach the highest possible rating a facility can achieve. Learn more about Parent Aware ratings and child care licensing requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents that are new to Playhouse Child Care (or early childhood educational programs) will likely have plenty of questions. Whether you are looking for a stimulating environment for your infant or are getting your pre-k child ready for kindergarten, or perhaps both, find answers to your frequently asked questions.


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